“My Air Conditioner Is Not Running At All”

-  If a breaker trips, this can cause your air conditioner to exhibit this symptom. Check the breakers in your electrical panel. If one appears to be tripped, turn that breaker completely off, then on again. If that corrects the problem, the breaker may have tripped for a reason, and may trip again. If so, call for service.

-  Another cause for complete loss of operation could be that a device called the ‘disconnect’ has been inadvertently turned off. These can be located on a wall near the inside unit (air handler) and appear to be a light switch. However, they are usually located at a much higher level than a light switch. Make sure that switch is turned on if yours is so equipped.

-  It sounds simple, but make sure the thermostat switches are actually turned on, in the correct position, and the temperature is set at a point that will call for heating or cooling.

“My Digital Thermostat Screen Is Blank”

-  Some digital thermostats require batteries and are powered solely by the batteries. Replace the batteries if yours is equipped with them. Some thermostats are powered by the system. A blank display in this case usually means a loss of low voltage to the thermostat. Checking breakers or the disconnect switch (mentioned above) may correct the problem, or a safety switch may have interrupted the power. It may be that the thermostat itself, has failed. We stock a complete line of thermostats on our service trucks.

“My Indoor Unit (air handler) Is Running, But The Outside Unit (condenser) Is Not”

-  A tripped breaker can cause this symptom. Attempt to reset any tripped breakers in your electrical panel by switching the breaker completely off, and then on again. If a tripped breaker trips again, or immediately after reset, call for service.

-  Some outside units are equipped with a reset switch located outside the cabinet. This will be a small red rubber button, located near the bottom of the condenser where the copper lines enter the cabinet. To reset, simply push in the red button. If the unit is calling for heat or cool, and this was the problem, the outdoor unit will start immediately. If it trips again, call for service.

“I Have Water On The Floor, Or Coming From A Ceiling”

-  Most water problems will need professional attention. The water is caused by condensation in cooling. These can be difficult to diagnose, and correct. Turning off the system, may help to minimize water damage. Call for service as soon as possible, as air conditioners can create a great deal of water, in a short period of time.



“My Air Conditioner Isn’t Working Very Well”

-  Check the air filter(s) at the return vent(s), or in the base of the air handler. Dirty air filters can cause poor performance, high electric bills, and damage to your system. If you remove the filter, and can see no light or very little light through it, that may be your only problem. Replace the filter with a new one or, if it is cleanable (electrostatic filter), clean it and reinstall the filter. It is advisable to use only the high quality pleated filters, or an electrostatic filter to keep your system in good condition. We can measure for, and sell you, a quality electrostatic filter for your air conditioner.

-  Aside from air filters, a loss of refrigerant (Freon) is the number one cause of poor cooling (or heating in the case of a heat pump). Refrigerant must be added to the system by a professional. At the same time, it is advisable to determine the cause of the refrigerant loss. Systems don’t use refrigerant. It is only lost due to a leak in the system. Repair of the leak, or replacement of the system may be advisable if the leak rate is substantial.

“I Smell Something Burning When I Turn On The Heat”

- During the summer cooling season, the heating elements on your system can build up dust. When the heating system is first turned on during the winter, you may smell a slight burning smell as this dust is burned off of the elements. This should only last a very brief period of time, and the smell should dissipate rather quickly. If a burning smell persists, turn off the system and call for service.

“I See What Looks Like Smoke Coming From My Outdoor Unit”

- If this occurs during the summer while the system is in cooling, call for service. However, while in heating, under certain conditions (usually very cold weather), your outdoor unit can build up ice during it’s normal operation (heat pump systems only). It is normal for the outdoor unit to periodically enter what is called a ‘defrost cycle’. During this period, you may notice the steam that is produced when the unit is defrosting. This is not abnormal. If it appears that this condition persists for more than 10-15 minutes, you may have a problem. If you are concerned, call for service.

If none of the above tips helped solve your problem, you will probably need a service call to repair your system. Please call for a prompt, courteous response.

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